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gheata carbonica

Dry Ice in Food Industry

Dry ice is used a lot in food industry because preserved with dry ice; the food does not lose its flavor. It is the main method to keeping......

For the wedding

Wedding certainly is one of the most important moments of our lives. Memorable, not only for the happy couple but also for......

gheata carbonica pentru cluburi

For parties

Whether it's a wedding, a baptism, a prom or any other party, dry ice can create shows full of mystery…...

gheata carbonica alimentara

For Restaurants

More and more restaurants began to use dry ice to impress guests with pleasant atmosphere on the dance floor…...

gheata carbonica

For Clubs

Heavy smoke is used in Clubs to "create a hot" atmosphere. Fog that surrounds the stage is obtained with a machine…...

For Bars

Bars make a real show using dry ice pellets for cooling and serving in glasses drinks which are spilling a "heavy smoke" … ...

About Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, its main use being linked to cooling processes. Dry ice is a higher refrigerant than the traditional ice; the cooling temperature is much lower than the traditional ice’s one, which is obtained after solidification of water at temperature below 0° C.

What is Hard Smoke?

A cloud of mist obtained from the contact of a mass of cold air with indoor air. The cloud of smoke made from of half a box of dry ice and a so-called "heavy smoke machine" will not rise above 30-35 cm from the floor, its effect may last about one quarter of hour.

Dry Snow at the Wedding?

For a wedding like in fairy tales, use dry ice and give both to you, and to your guests’ unforgettable moments. You can start with the couple waltz, with an atmosphere covered in mystery and heavy smoke. The magic continues with the first toast if the glasses filled with drinks turn into genuine volcanoes, which eliminate smoke.


Dry Ice in Concerts

To turn a concert into an event with guaranteed success to public is recommended to use special effects. Beyond the lights and pyrotechnics we’ve already used, in our days the special effects must be a little more intense, with a mysterious and dramatic effect to capture public attention. Dry ice is perfect from this point […]

Dry Ice in Medicine

Dry ice is nothing but the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is the gas that we exhale and which plants use it in photosynthesis. This gas is often trapped during industrial processes and used to produce dry ice. Dry ice is used mainly as a cooling agent, and in this sense has […]


Experiment – Dry ice sublimation   Video :   We will demonstrate and explain the sublimation process and the interesting effects of this process.   In a 1000 ml flat-bottomed flask, pour 500 ml hot water. Then before introducing dry ice, add some food coloring for contrast. Carefully insert the dry ice. Analyze together […]

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