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To turn a concert into an event with guaranteed success to public is recommended to use special effects. Beyond the lights and pyrotechnics we’ve already used, in our days the special effects must be a little more intense, with a mysterious and dramatic effect to capture public attention. Dry ice is perfect from this point of view!

willow smoke

How to use dry ice in concerts


In concerts dry ice is used to create heavy smoke..


Heavy smoke obtained by using dry ice creates a magic environment and gives a touch of drama to the movement of the artists on stage. Heavy smoke dominates the scene when used, having a dramatic effect on other special effects such as colored lights.


The effects created by the heavy smoke machines can vary significantly, from a subtle haze, the heavy clouds of smoke.


Dry ice is a substance that does not harm the environment and does not affect the atmosphere. Also, dry ice is not toxic and therefore can be used safely at grandious events such as concerts or festivals.

concerts dry ice


Indications for using dry ice in concerts


Because it has a very low temperature, dry ice should not be manipulated never empty-handed. There are risks of severe skin injuries in case of direct contact. The use of protective gloves is recommended. If using dry ice to obtain fog effect for indoor concerts, the room must be well ventilated.


In order to obtain hard to smoke using carbonic ice the use of smoke machines is required. How does this work? Usually a heavy smoke machine works like a large closed container with a heating element and a water hose or outlet. The effect created by heavy smoke machine is unique and cannot be reproduced by any other technology; it is indispensable at concerts and festivals.


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