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dry iceDry ice began to be increasingly used in Romanian Clubs. If in the past we could see dry ice effects only in movies or in big clubs from the West, today these effects of dry snow can be seen in most respected nightclubs from Romania.


As expected – the most common use of it is for drinks. An explosive cocktail requires only two grains of dry ice. Customers will be more than impressed by the visual effect of this chemical compound. In addition, the great advantage is that the use of dry ice will not change in any way the taste of the drink. It also can be used for both soft drinks and stronger drinks or cocktails.

gheata carbonica pentru cluburi

Of course every club will offer to its customer’s important occasional concerts with different artists from the music industry. Well, in this situation situation the use of dry ice and the heavy smoke machines can create a number of visual effects, very appreciated by the audience. The main advantage of this heavy smoke is that compared with the usual smoke, which is used for concerts, it does not remain in the atmosphere, making it almost impossible to breath. Instead, because of its different density from the ambient air, it will fall like a real blanket of clouds above the floor, making a more alluring dance floor for guests.


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