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Dry Ice in Drinks

A real bartender must surprise his customers. You must know small tricks to impress them. A bartender must be a true showman. But in order to do so he needs more products and utensils. Dry ice is obviously among the top needs of such a bartender. Granules of dry ice in cocktails or drinks of any kind not only cools the liquor in the glass, but also creates a special effect by producing so-called heavy smoke as a result of contact between cold dry ice and the drink from the glass, which has a higher temperature.

dry ice for clubs

Dry Ice for Heavy Smoke

In addition, any true bar at some intervals supports various concerts. No matter if it’s a jam session, or folk, or jazz concert. In these concerts, we all know that the atmosphere is what matters most. Therefore, for added mystery, it is advisable to use a heavy smoke machine. This can be used both at concerts and other special events that are held in your bar. Heavy smoke machine works with dry ice, the result is a thick blanket of smoke that does not interfere in any way with the customers, because it is laid at a height of 15-20 cm from the floor and is totally harmless.

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