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gheata carbonica pentru cluburiProbably you have seen in movies or on television various social events, in which those present have in their hands glasses from which white smoke comes out. This effect is very easy to make, and each party should have such moments, that enhance the mystery and delight of the guests.


No matter whether it is a wedding, a baptism, a prom or any other type of party, this visual effect is very easily obtained using dry ice.


The secret lies in the fact that, in guests glasses two granules of dry ice, substance which upon contact with beverage creates this physical phenomenon. The temperature difference between the drink, which in most cases is at room temperature and dry ice, which in its sublimation process has a temperature of -78.5 ° C, creates a heavy smoke, which surely will impress the guests.


Also during these important events, these truly special moments, such as dancing of the couple r when one is celebrating his / hers 18th birthday, may be covered in mystery if we use dry ice. Thus, using containers in which we mix dry ice and hot water, or with help of „heavy smoke machines”, we can create a cloud of white smoke in the room, giving the impression of an atmosphere of a fairy tale.


Consider this option for future important moments in your and your loved ones life, assuring the success of the party organized.


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