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dry ice in food industryBecause dry ice can be used as a chemical compound that interacts with the environment, more restaurants began increasingly to use it to impress their clientele.


  • Ambience – in moments when the dance floor is occupied by pairs, or when a special moment occurs, smoke machines which operate using dry ice can be used for creating special effects – a heavy smoke cloud.


  • Drinksof we use dry ice in glasses, it will transform them into genuine volcanoes, which eliminate a heavy and white smoke. This is possible due to the temperature difference between dry ice in its sublimation process, and the drink in the glass.


  • Food – as in any restaurant, the food will be kept fresh for a longer period. Instead of classic freezer, dry ice can be used, this chemical compound is more efficient than a traditional freezer, it will not alter the flavor and taste of food and in addition – it is friendly to the environment.


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