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dry-ice-weddingSurely, the wedding is one of the most important moments in our lives. Therefore, we need to make this event really memorable, not only for the happy couple, but also for guests, family, friends and colleagues.


By far, the most spectacular moment of the wedding is the spouses dance. It is a metaphorical representation of meeting of two people, and evolution of their love story. Therefore, this moment should look like in fairy tales. Eventually, every love story is unique, and the wedding is certainly a very important step in continuing any romance.


Well, to envelop these moments in mystery, the waltz of the couple often has a special choreography or even some clothing accessories. But the mystery may be deepened more using dry ice. With the help of a series of very simple physical principles, dry ice along with hot water creates a phenomenon called „hard smoke”.


The advantage of the hard smoke is that it is not filling the entire room, but will only cover the dance floor, and the happy couple will dance through the clouds. The moment will be truly unique, and guests will be more than surprised.

dry ice wedding

In addition, for the magic to take continue, the first toast of all guests, can be made with glasses filled with drinks with two dry ice granules, that will turn into real smoke eliminating volcanoes. The taste of the drink will not be changed at all, but the effect on guests will be a special one.

dry ice drinks

Therefore, for a wedding like in fairy tales, use dry ice and give both you and your guests some unforgettable moments!


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