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Heavy smoke Heavy smoke is a physical phenomenon, which occurs during the use of dry ice. Considering that during the process of sublimation of this chemical compound the temperature is -78, 5° C, by its contact with the environment will result a smoke with much higher density than the oxygen’s from the room. This will make it possible to create a blanket of smoke that won’t rise above 30-35 cm from the floor. For such an effect that can last for about a quarter of an hour, you need just a box of dry ice and a so-called hard smoke machine.


The operating principles of the hard smoke machine are quite complicated, but in the end, the result counts. As you’d expect, use of this smoke is very common at special events. Weddings, baptisms or proms are times when such an effect can make the difference between a common event and one of a fairy tale.


The 15 minutes smoke which would arise from one box of dry ice, is more than sufficient for the dance of spouses for example, or for the arrival of the wedding cake. The effect lasts, of course, depending on the amount of dry ice used.


In addition, dry ice can be used in your wine or champagne glasses. In contact with the liquid in the glass, we will obtain the same result, a heavy smoke, which gradually will evaporate from guest’s glasses.


Therefore, you can add an extra touch of magic to the special moments from your life, and don’t hesitate to try the dry ice.