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We present below our available dry ice product range and most important uses of them.


Dry Ice

Dry Ice can be used for food cooling and for different technological processes. For example, when it comes to sanding, dry ice is the most ecological method for hard surface cleaning. Also, food preservation, and transportation over large distances is now possible with help of this chemical compound.


Dry ice can be purchased as required. Minimum order is a box containing 18 kilograms of this ice. For parties up to 300 guests, two boxes are sufficient.


Hard Smoke

Whether it is a wedding, baptising, prom or any other kind of event, Hard Smoke is the best way to impress the guests of an event. It is obtained directly from dry ice, and can be used as an element of surprise for guests, or as a unique story in the environment (on the dance floor during the waltz dance, for example).



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